The School

Why choose the School of Pediatrics

The School of Pediatrics is the result of nearly twenty years of collaboration between the Chair of Pediatrics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital.
This educational, clinical and scientific partnership has led to the development of a wide educational program in which theoretical concepts are integrated with a multidisciplinary clinical experience and with the opportunity to participate in National and International Research projects.

The idea of “School”, implies that the knowledge of Pediatric Science is acquired in a continuous flow of information and experiences that start from the attendance of the Courses of Pediatrics in the Medical School and is deepened in the Resident Program as well as in the various Master’s Courses in Pediatric sub specialties.
For Professionals willing to follow a more experimental pathway, a PhD program is also available.

The School's website is the virtual meeting place between learners and teachers in which all educational tools are interactively available.
The "School of Pediatrics" has therefore the ambition to combine the educational tradition of the University of Rome Tor Vergata with the extensive clinical and research experience of the largest Children’s Hospital in Italy.