Educational offer


  • Chair Alessandro Inserra

The Residency School in Pediatric Surgery lasts 5 years and it is the result of the collaboration between the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the Institute for Treatment and Research Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. The educational offer is based on the clinical and surgical activity of the several Units of which the Hospital is composed, in particulart, the Units of Surgery and the Medical and Surgical Neonatology, source of 12.000 hospitalizations per year, 6000 surgical interventions and around 200.000 ambulatories (offical data from 2018).

Along the training path, Residents will progressively acquire autonomy in clinical reasoning and surgical technique, attending the different specialized Departments, living a full immersion experience of the rithms of the Institute for Treatment and Research and growing their skills, by experiencing the different Units, including the prenatal phase, urgency and emergency, pre and post surgery intensive therapy, the distance follow-up, made by tutor several paths.

During their stay, Residents actively participate to staff meetings, clinical activity into the Departments, ambulatories, day hospitals, day surgeries, ambulatory surgery, the operating room, the coaching during the day and night shifts. Integrating part of their training is the involvement into the scientific activity, with the objective to be main authors or co-authors, for each year of the course, of at least an article on “impact factor” international scientific magazines.

All the Residents of the Residency School in Pediatric Surgery have the opportunity to plan a stage into International Institutes with a notorious expertise on Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery.



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