Second level master's degree in Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology in Pediatrics
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National Master_\

Second level master's degree in Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology in Pediatrics

  • Chief_ Salvatore Masala
  • Coordinator_ Paola Tomà


Pediatric Radiology is the branch of Diagnostic Imaging concerning patients aged less than 16 years. It encompasses diagnostic imaging of the fetus, the newborn, the infant, the child, and the adolescent. As the child approaches adulthood, disease patterns become more similar to those in adult life. 
The training will be hold in local facilities equipped with state-of-art instruments, every technique (CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and interventional radiology, etc.). Participants will have access to an on-line library containing eLearning facilities and the most important journals as well as many teaching files stored in the PACS of the departments hosting the Master's. Why you should attend the master's: opportunities.
Although the primary purpose of the Master is to develop expertise on radiological techniques and imaging findings, the trainee is expected to acquire knowledge of the clinical and pathologic presentation of diseases of the pediatric age. 
The aim of the Master is to prepare the Radiologist towards a career in which a consistent part of the professional activity will be dedicated to pediatric imaging. The trainee will be able to manage and develop diagnostic and interventional methods and to transmit her/his specific knowledge to the radiologists not dedicated to pediatric imaging.


The Master's overall cost is € 4.000 for two years.

50% of the fee must be paid at the time of registration and the remaining 50% within the deadline specified in the anouncement.
In case the number of candidates exceeds the number of available positions, candidates will be selected based on their academic qualifications and/or distance interview.

Master organization

The Master lasts two years, and it's articulated in four semesters; during this period the 1500 hours (60 ECTS) of activity are divided in classic or interactive lectures, in presence (400 h) and eLearning modality (240 h) and stages and/or practical activities (1125 h).


  • Normal and pathological embryological anatomy
  • Diagnostic Imaging Techniques I
  • Techniques and Procedures of Interventional Radiology I
  • Analogical and digital materials and equipments
  • Epidemiology and Physiopathology
  • Techniques and Procedures of Interventional Radiology II
  • Integrated Pathways in Diagnostic Imaging I
  • Integrated Pathways in Pediatrics I
  • Surgical Techniques and procedures
  • Techniques for anesthesia and resuscitation I
  • Techniques and Procedures of Interventional Radiology II
  • Integrated Pathways in Diagnostic Imaging II
  • Integrated Pathways in Pediatrics II
  • Techniques for Anesthesia and Resuscitation II
  • Techniques and Surgical Therapeutic Procedures
  • Integrated Pathways in Diagnostic Imaging III
  • Techniques and Procedures of Interventional Radiology III
  • Diagnostic testing techniques (Nuclear Medicine  - Radiotherapy)
  • Basics of health economics
  • Consent and medico-legal issues


The enrollment to the Master is incompatible with another simltaneus degree.
The Master is designed for Medicine graduates holding a Residency in Diagnostic Radiology.
Foreign applicants, EU and non-EU, currently resident in Italy with a regular working or studying visa can enroll to the Master.
The registration of non-EU citizens resident abroad is regulated through a special legislation.
Italians, EU or non-EU citizens, in possession of a foreign degree which has not yet been declared equivalent to an Italian degree must apply for recognition of their title on the registration form.




Aversa Tommaso

Barbuti Domenico

Ciarcia Gianluca

Ciofi Degli Atti Marta Luisa

Culcasi Angelo

Fabiano Sebastiano

Ferrazza Andrea

Garganese Maria Carmen

Manenti Guglielmo

Marziali Simone

Monti Lidia

Offidani Caterina

Orazi Cinzia

Palombi Leonardo

Raponi Massimiliano

Rea Patrizia

Schingo Paolo

Stefanini Matteo

Verruc Micol

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Magistrelli Andrea

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