Second level master's degree in Advanced Pediatric Allergology and Immunology
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Second level master's degree in Advanced Pediatric Allergology and Immunology

  • Chief_ Viviana Moschese
  • Coordinators_ Loredana Chini, Renato Cutrera, Attilio Turchetta
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The Master’s purpose is to give a theoretical and practical education to Professionals interested in the Scientific and Assistance Activity in the Allergology and Immunology Pediatric field. This is possible through the partnership with the AIEOP/IPINET and other Pediatric Institutes at the forefront. Another main aim of the Master is to promote the Immunoallergological culture.


The cost of the Master is € 3.600,00 (+ € 130,00 for the Degree Certificate and € 32,00 for stamps, € 16,00 per year).
It is also possible to apply to attend single didactic modules (a single subject with a specific study activity). This kind of requests will be accepted only if the Board of the Master considers the learning objectives reachable.

The fee for a single module is € 500,00.

Master organization

The Master lasts two years and it is divided into two semesters per year. The educational activity foresees 60 ECTS, equal to 1500 hours of didactic activity, of whom 150 hours of regular classes and 150 hours of eLearning; 300 hours of assisted study and 250 hours of internship.

Remaining hours are dedicated to a personal project or an article, as well as to the individual study and preparation.


  • Clinical governance, ethical and legal aspects for the pediatric allergist and immunologist
  • Functional and respiratory evaluation in pediatric immune mediated disorders and sport activities
  • Food Allergy and anaphylaxis in children
  • Update on primary immunodeficiency
  • The role of the ENT specialist in children with immune mediated disorders
  • Primary Immunodeficiency: diagnostic and treatment update
  • Gastrointestinal manifestation in children immune mediated disorders
  • Respiratory manifestation in pediatric immuno mediated disorders
  • Infections in the immunocompromised patient
  • Autoimmunity in children with particular attention to dermatological and ocular manifestations
  • Allergic disease: diagnostic and treatment update


The Master is designed for Medicine graduates (preferred if holding a Residency in Pediatrics).
Foreigners, EU and non-EU citizens, currently resident in Italy with a regular working or studying visa can enroll to the Masters.
The registration of non-EU students is regulated through a special legislation.
Italians, EU or non-EU citizens, who have a foreign academic degree which has not yet been declared equivalent to an Italian degree must apply for recognition of their title on the registration form.




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D'Argenio Patrizia

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Di Cesare Silvia

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Di Napoli Raffaella

Finocchi Andrea

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