Second level master's degree in Clinical Epidemiology in Pediatrics
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Second level master's degree in Clinical Epidemiology in Pediatrics Epidemiologia Clinica in Pediatria

  • Coordinator_ Elisabetta Franco
  • Coordinator_ Marta Ciofi degli Atti


Clinical Epidemiology is the field where the methods of the classical Epidemiology are used to evaluate and orient the diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive interventions used in the clinical practice.

The Pediatric Clinical Epidemiology is a second level degree teaching subject in other nations, but in Italy there isn’t at all. The partnership between the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital is the occasion to teach this subject in Italy as well. The education in Pediatric Clinical Epidemiology is the answer both for the clinical studies and and the quality and safety of the cures promotion. The pediatric context presents different specificities, such as the lack of efficient studies and safety of preventive and therapeutic interventions on different age groups (newborns, children, adolescents). The Master’s purpose is to train Professionals with a Pediatric, Epidemiological, or Public Health background, to teach them the methods of the Clinical Epidemiology, applied to the evaluation of preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic interventions addressed to the pediatric population (0-18 y.o.), and the transfer of the interventions with a documented efficiency and safety into the clinical practice.

The acquired competencies will be oriented to professional outlets in the Family, Community, Hospital Pediatrics and Public Health field and Health Directive careers.


The overall cost of the Master is € 3.000.

25 % of the fee must be paid at the registration and the remaining part within the deadline stated in the announcement.

Master organization

The Master lasts two years.

The educational activity foresees 60 ECTS. The didactic activity is composed by regular classes with laboratories attendance, e-learning classes and activities, comprehensive of guided exsercises.


  • Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Applied Epidemiological Methods
  • Statistical Methods
  • Clinical studies
  • Quality and Safety in Healthcare
  • Health promotion, prevention and intervention strategies
  • Design and carrying out a study project
  • Final Thesis


Master's Degree:

  • Biological Sciencies
  • Medical, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy
  • Nursing and Midwifery Sciencies
  • Medicine 




Franco Elisabetta

Emberti Gialloreti Leonardo

Ciofi Degli Atti Marta Luisa

Tozzi Alberto

Traversa Giuseppe

Spila Alegiani Stefania

Buonomo Ersilla

Ravà Lucilla

Alvaro Rosaria

Piga Simone

Scalia Tomba Gianpaolo

Raponi Massimiliano

Offidani Caterina

Livadiotti Susanna

Loreti Alessandra

Gesualdo Francesco

Buzzetti Roberto

Mennini Francesco

Rossi Paolo

Pontrelli Giuseppe

Morino Giuseppe