Advanced Course on Antiretroviral Therapy
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Corso di Perfezionamento in Advanced Course on Antiretroviral Therapy

  • Chief_ Paolo Rossi
  • Coordinator_ Carlo Giaquinto


The complexity and the rapid innovation of ART therapy makes a continuous training of the infectious diseases expert Doctor necessary, as he/she works into the Infectious Diseases or Pediatrics Units where HIV ill people are followed. The acquisition of a A.C. Certificate in this field is doubtlessly an important title for professionals, who will learn specific information about the use of ART medicines, both in adults and children.



The Course overall cost is € 1.200.

Master organization

The Course lasts 9 months.

The educational activity foresees 11 ECTS, equal to 275 hours of overall commitment for the student, of which:

- 48 hours of eLearning

- 21 hours of residencial activity

Remaining hours are dedicated to the assisted and individual study and to the preparation of the final exam.




  • HIV in geriatrics
  • HIV in women
  • Inflammation and HIV 
  • HIV in adolescents
  • Resistance to ARVs
  • ARV therapy in 5 years time
  • Research methodology in HIV
  • HIV cure and remission
  • Metabolic disease and HIV
  • Final Exam 


The training course is open to medical staff involved in HIV research or care of HIV patients in possess of any of the following:

Bachelor Degree:

  • Biological Sciences (or equivalent foreign title)

Master's Degrees:

  • Italian University Degree in Medicine (or equivalent foreign title)
  • Medical, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical technologies (or equivalent foreign title)

The registration of non-EU citizens resident abroad is regulated through a special legislation.
EU / non-EU citizens who have a foreign academic degree which has not yet been stated equivalent to an Italian degree must apply for recognition of their title on the form for admission to the selection tests.




Andreoni Massimo

Di Perri Gianni

Lazzarin Adriano

Santoro Maria

Puoti Massimo

Rizzardini Giuliano

Rossi Paolo

Antinori Andrea