Advanced Course on Antiretroviral Therapy
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Corso di Perfezionamento in Terapia Antiretrovirale Advanced Course on Antiretroviral Therapy

  • Coordinatore_ Paolo Rossi
  • Coordinatore_ Carlo Giaquinto


Many new Antiretrovirals (ARVs) are now available and several combinations and sequencing can be used. This is reflected by the frequent update of the ARV treatment guideline at global European and national levels.

The use of ARV is very complex and, despite the much higher drug option that we have now as compared with few years ago. In order to reduce the risk of treatment failures (with the consequent development or ARV resistance) at “patient” level the proper use of ARVs requires an increasingly competent prescription and management skills by the healthcare providers. Regular assumptions, management of side effects, resistance and adherence support are fundamental elements to guarantee the ART success.

For what concerns preparation and training of medical and nursing staff, international initiatives Share-type seem insufficient because they aim mainly to prevention and intervention on very limited and customized geographical areas. In Europe, there are no programmes focused on the use of ART aimed to guarantee a professional medical education and training on a continuous-basis.


The course fee is € 1.200

Master organization

The course is divided in 2 parts: an Online Part and a Residential part 

It includes 7 modules 

Each Modules will have an average duration of 7-8 hrs and will include distance learning sections, case simulation, pdf articles to be provided to the participants.

A new module will be released every 2 weeks and overall the distance learning part will last 12 weeks. This part includes support of an individual tutor and the use of an open discussion forum as well.

The learning material and activities are designed by the Faculty staff and are made available via Internet, using individual credentials provided to the students to access the VLE platform. All study materials (e.g. videos, presentations, documents etc.) will be made available to the students at the end of the course.



  • ARV drugs: principles of clinical pharmacology
  • When to start therapy
  • What to start therapy with
  • Switching and drug sequencing (including simplification strategy)
  • Management of ARV therapy (including adherence, resistance, monitoring etc)
  • Coinfections and Drug Interaction
  • Health economics


The training course is open to medical staff involved in HIV research or care of HIV patients in possess of any of the following:


  • Italian University Degree in Medicine (or equivalent foreign title)


The course is open to all International participants.

All students are required an Intermediate knowledge of English language, since part of the study materials will be in English. 




Andreoni Massimo

Di Perri Gianni

Lazzarin Adriano

Santoro Maria

Puoti Massimo

Rizzardini Giuliano

Rossi Paolo

Antinori Andrea