Advanced Course "PLAY THEARPY: playful and expressive interventions for child care: methods and experiences"
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Advanced Course "PLAY THEARPY: playful and expressive interventions for child care: methods and experiences"

  • Coordinator_ Cinzia Galasso
  • Coordinator_ Lucia Celesti
  • Coordinator_ Carla Carlevaris


It’s well-known how game and creativity are the ways through which the affective and cognitive growth of the child happens. Just when hospitalized, these become fundamental elements for a complete healing process that can support the whole family, by helping people overcome the potential traumas connected to the disease and the stay at the hospital. The consideration and management of these aspects isn’t always part of the education of the healthcare professionals, even though it is a fundamental aspect in the approach towards the young patient.

The Course's purpose is to lead the learner in experimenting and deepen theoretical and practical aspects of the playful and expressive intervention on children and adolescents. The learner will acquire necessary skills to give appropriate care and to listen to the patient, to make right playful interventions and to support the child and adolescent in managing the negative emotions. The knowledges and skills learnt might be used in Pediatric Assistance and Healthcare Institutions, contributing in the creation of a brand new specific Educational figure, for the psycho-social cure of the ill child and to give the healthcare professionals the instruments that will make easier to interact with young patients.



The Course's cost is € 1.200.

50% of the fee must be paid at the moment of registration, while the remaining 50 % within the deadline stated in the announcement.


Master organization

The Course lasts one Academic Year.

The educational activity foresees 20 ECTS, equal to 500 hours of total commitment for the student, of which 137 hours of didactic activity, of which 83 hours of regular classes and 54 hours of e-learning. The remaining hours will be dedicated to the internship and the assisted and individual study.


  • Clinical Governance
  • Welcoming Sick Child
  • Neuromotor Development
  • Clinical Psychology 
  • Pedagogy and Communication in Hospitals
  • Art Therapies and Nonverbal Languages in Trauma Processing
  • Play and Expressive Activities with Hospitalised Children and T
  • Play Therapy in Preparation for Clinical and Surgical Procedures
  • Child Life and International Experiences
  • Ethics and Reaserch
  • Final Exam


To enroll to this Course you must have a Degree in:

  • Educational Sciences and Child Development
  • Professional Education
  • Nursing Sciencies
  • Psycology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medicine and Surgery