Advanced course in Pediatric Electroencephalography
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Advanced course_\

Advanced course in Pediatric Electroencephalography

  • Chief_ Andrea Finocchi
  • Coordinator_ Lucia Fusco
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The Course’s purpose is to update and qualify Professionals in Pediatric Electroencephalography.

The Course provides FAD lessons, an internship and practical activities that will be done at the Neurophysiology Unit of Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. The internship and the practical activity require the presence with the aim to learn the EEG methodologies of diagnostic through the supervision of a minimum of 100 diagnostic exams, comprehensive of wake and sleep and long video monitor sessions/EEG.

At the end of the Course the learners will be able to:

  • Identify the EEG physiological patterns of the wake and sleep moments from the newborn to the young-adult phases.
  • Identify the EEG pathological patterns, focal and/or generic, of the focal lesional pathologies and epilepsies
  • Identify the EEG pathological patterns of the metabolic, infectious, anorexia, severe and mild encephalopathies
  • Correctly identify the electroclincal patterns of the most common epilepsy crisis and syndromes.


The cost of the Course is 1.500,00 (+ € 130,00 for the certificate, € 32,00 for the stamps, and € 16,00 per year).

50 % of the fee must be paid at the registration and the remaining 50% within the deadline stated in the announcement.

Master organization

The Course lasts one year. The educational activity foresees 20 ECTS, equal to 500 hours of total commitment for the student, of which:

  • 132 hours of eLearning 
  • 212 hours of internship

Remaining hours will be dedicated to the participation to sectorial conferences, as well as to the individual study and preparation.


  • Clinical Governance
  • Elements of Pediatrics
  • Brain maturation from childhood to adolescence: the normal EEG, sleep / wake cycle, nonspecific abnormal pattern
  • The newborn and premature: physiological and pathological EEG pattern
  • EEG in vascular and inflammatory encephalopathies
  • EEG in congenital and acquired metabolic encephalopathies
  • Epileptic encephalopathies: syndromes and diseases
  • Age-related epileptic syndromes: EEG in Idiopathic epilepsies
  • EEG in epileptic syndormes  associated with intellectual disability
  • Status epilepticus: recognition of etiology and EEG pattern
  • Coma and brain death
  • Final Exam


The Course is addressed to Medicine graduates, who are members of the Medical Register, having completed Residency in Pediatric Neuropsychiatry, Neurology, Neuro-Pathophysiology, Pediatrics. The candidates who have a foreign degree must provide the documentation that states the recognition of the degree in Italy.

EU/ Non-EU students with a foreign academic degree that hasn’t been already recognised must request the recognition together with the application to the Course.