Advanced Course in Anesthesiology: Management of the Pediatric Patient
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Advanced Course in Anesthesiology: Management of the Pediatric Patient

  • Professor_ Maria Beatrice Silvi
  • Doctor_ Sandra D'Alessandro


The Course purpose is to lead the learner to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to handle the Pediatric Anesthesia. It will give a theoretical and practical high-level education for the management of the pediatric patient in his/her complexity.


The Course's cost is € 1.500.

50% of the fee must be paid at the registration, while the remaining 50% within the deadline stated in the announcement.

The minimum number of participants, below which the Course won’t be activated is: 5

The maximum number of enrolled people is: 15.

In case the number of enrolled people is higher than the available positions, candidates will be selected based on their academic qualifications and/or distance interview. There will be available partial or full scholarships for the worthy participants, provided by public or private Institutions by appropriate conventions.

Master organization

The Course lasts one Academic Year.

The educational activity foresees 20 ECTS, equal to 500 hours of total commitment for the student, of which 136 hours of didactic activity in e-learning modality and 75 hours of internship. Remaining hours will be dedicated to the assisted and individual study.



  • Clinical governance
  • Organization for surgery
  • Organization of surgery
  • General anesthesia
  • Airway Management
  • Locoregional anesthesia
  • Post surgical pain treatment
  • Sedation in NORA
  • Training


The Course is addressed to Medicine graduates who are members of the Medical Register, having completed Residency in Anesthesia and Resuscitation. Candidates with a foreign degree must provide the documentation stating the recognition of their title and the qualification to the exercise of the profession released by the Ministry of Health.

EU/ Non EU citizens with a foreign degree that hasn’t already been declared equivalent to an Italian degree – in order to be admitted to the Course – must apply for this procedure at the registration for the admission test. The recognition is stated by the Board of the Medicine Faculty by proposal of the Professors’ Collegium.